Saturday, 10 March 2018

Longbourne: What to expect

Again, this is from 2016 when I went to a two day class, but the previous evening prior, Katrina Hadjimichael gave a talk about her quilts. Boy oh boy were there some beauties! If you don't like hexies, look away now! She talked about her series of quilts based on Pride and Prejudice. You can check out the complete collection on her blogspot.


Katrina showing her quilts

Friday, 9 March 2018

Longbourne: Hole punching

Back in August 2016 I went to a two day quilting course tutored by Katrina Hadjamichael. She has designed some gorgeous quilts based on Jane Austen and the houses out of Pride and Prejudice. This particular quilt I am putting together is Longbourne, where the five sisters lived.

The quilt is very busy and complicated. After the two day course I didn't touch it for about a year, but now I am back into it again and swimming along!

A friend gave me a tip of hole punching my templates so they can be easily removed when the time comes. So here are my hole punched hexagons!!

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Sweet Sue tops the tree

This is what happens when you don't take into account for that extra 1/4 seam allowance when cutting out your paper templates... I decided to "complete" it even though it was a huge balls up. I wouldn't mind trying it again because it was a pretty block.

If the instructions don't mention the 1/4 seam then my head goes into auto pilot.

This is where I should have thrown it in the bin, but I carried on

Sue topping the "deformed star" on the tree!!!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Stag nation

I started this quilt in October 2016. It is still a work in progress, but I have now constructed the 27 blocks required for the head/antlers. These were all put together by adding random pieces of fabrics together.

Above are two of my first go's at piecing together in different directions. I slowly got more adventurous and made my blocks very busy indeed.

It took till March 2017 before I had all 27 completed.

Here are a close of my favourite ones:

Finally, I sorted out the placement ready for the stag head and antlers to be placed so that the most busiest blocks could be detailed. I then sewed all the rows together.

The next step is to mark the template onto the fusible web and cut out it out!
You can find this pattern in 'Simply Moderne' Issue No.2.

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Catch up on Farmer's Wife

Catching up is what I am up to at the moment, in blogging and patching.

Here are my Farmer's blocks I did in 2016.

Ava: A Family, Regardless

Daffodil: Snappy Though Married

Malvina: Fun for the Family

Cat: The First School Day

Priscilla: Dishes with Fairy Tales

Autumn: A Precious Half-Hour

Joy: Joy attracts Joy

Lily: Just Plain Humans

Mrs Morgan: The Little Theater solves the Problem

Mrs Brown: Seeing Folks in the Best Light

Grandmother: Solving the Grandmother Problem

Heather: Just Pass it on

Dolly: That Easy Road

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sewing projects but no progress

Thought I had better add a couple of lines to say that I am actually still patchworking, but haven't blogged any projects for some time. I have a lot of start-stop quilts going at present because I am between houses (shifting) and my stash is at house no.2 and my new projects are at house no.1!

I have the following on the go:

1.     1930's Farmers quilt-along
2.     Stag quilt with 24 crazy blocks

3.     Trellis fence with 10" blocks
4.     Diamond quilt
5.     Christmas tree applique

6.     Hearts/Nine-patch quilt

Being unfocussed at the moment is probably the reason why I am starting new projects even before the last one isn't even remotely finished. Once I settle into my new home things will turn around. My sewing room at house No.1 is empty of fabrics and looks very sad.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

I Spy quilt

I had finished the top of this I Spy quilt sometime ago, but I felt it lacked something.  Originally when I brought the lime green fabric for the borders I thought, wow. But after adding all that green I was a little disappointed and wasn't in love with it anymore. Thus I decided to add another border and add some zing. I certainly got that when I added the stripes.


My stripes
Stripe detail