Saturday, 22 July 2017

Sewing projects but no progress

Thought I had better add a couple of lines to say that I am actually still patchworking, but haven't blogged any projects for some time. I have a lot of start-stop quilts going at present because I am between houses (shifting) and my stash is at house no.2 and my new projects are at house no.1!

I have the following on the go:

1.     1930's Farmers quilt-along
2.     Stag quilt with 24 crazy blocks

3.     Trellis fence with 10" blocks
4.     Diamond quilt
5.     Christmas tree applique

6.     Hearts/Nine-patch quilt

Being unfocussed at the moment is probably the reason why I am starting new projects even before the last one isn't even remotely finished. Once I settle into my new home things will turn around. My sewing room at house No.1 is empty of fabrics and looks very sad.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

I Spy quilt

I had finished the top of this I Spy quilt sometime ago, but I felt it lacked something.  Originally when I brought the lime green fabric for the borders I thought, wow. But after adding all that green I was a little disappointed and wasn't in love with it anymore. Thus I decided to add another border and add some zing. I certainly got that when I added the stripes.


My stripes
Stripe detail

Saturday, 11 March 2017

That computer desk

I thought I had better document the last time I used my computer desk for sewing. As you can see it had a back and sides which wasn't ideal, but I've had many pleasurable moments there making some amazing projects. I've already got another desk lined up, but in the meantime I am using my kitchen tea trolley!

Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Henny Penny lap quilt

I started this one a couple of years ago, I can't remember exactly when. The lovely chicken fabrics are incorporated between the chicken wire. This quilt has been made for my Mum who, whilst on the farm, had poultry of all kinds; turkeys, ducks, chickens and laying hens. Naturally chickens were a huge part of her farming life. The hens ran around free eating scraps and enjoying dust baths. Egg collecting was always fun.

After completing the chicken and wire fencing I wanted to add something additional to it, give it some zing. I decided some applique chickens scratching around the borders. I think they really bring the quilt to life. I added the last two brown ones last week.
Top completed
My grey chickens
Sweet lil brown ones
I don't know why I added the white trim now...
On the run
I think this one might have a sore leg
More brown chicks
The majority of these chicken fabrics came from Evelyn in Dunedin

Monday, 9 January 2017

The backing of the bargello

I had completed the front of my bargello quilt sometime ago (2014), but only got round to the backing last year because originally I thought I would do more bargello patterns for the backing, but I gave up on that idea once I realised how much more time I would need to put into this already very delayed quilt.  In the end I did a quickie and used up the very beautiful leftover fabrics that incorporated the front, all 13 of them. I really had no idea how to design the backing. My imagination is very lacking in that department. It ended up very plain, but in my head I was just saying, "get it done". I initially only added the stripes, but felt the centre of the fabric needed an extra bit of punch so I added three love hearts with the fabric cut on the angle. Trying to convey two hearts coming together as one - my Mum and Step-Dad.

The right side decided on and sewn
More planning
Backwards way of putting my backing together
Completed before hearts added
The three hearts added
So pleased I added the hearts because that gap was way too plain
Two smalls hearts become one

Sunday, 8 January 2017

Teddy Bear Picnic lap quilt

I started this quilt back in April 2016 and finished stitching the binding on Christmas Eve. Nothing quite like a bit of last minute rushing. It was actually a gift for my sister's birthday back in July. Being the avid bear collector for decades I decided the best option was to include bears! For the backing I selected her favourite things; netball, tigers and more teddy bears. The teddy bear fabric on the back came courtesy of a dear Aunt in Dunedin.

This quilt pattern came from a wonderful book, Singular Sensations.

Fussy cutting the bears
One Teddy
More Teds
Setting out the teds and the corners
Adorable Teddies
Ironing the inner blocks
All sewn together
Lots of variety for the backing
Pussycat guarding the quilt
Safety pins at the ready
All done!

Sunday, 18 December 2016


Just wanted to share my black and white cat and his gorgeous possum tail!